Monday, October 31, 2011

We got the new Kronicle magazine!!

Today as we packed our storage unit, we decided to stop in on the Hight of Land publications to change our mailing address so we won't miss the first issue.  Unfortunately the issues have all been mailed out so we can expect to see the issue in the next two weeks.  Oh well... so I asked for some more stickers to put on the Split-Mobile. 

She gave me some stickers and then she said "why don't you take this too..." THE MAGAZINE!!! "enjoy this and share the one that comes in the mail." Thank you Denise so much.

I haven't been able to take a look at it because Hannah won't share until she has finished it cover to cover.  But the pictures are great.  Nice work can't wait to read it and hopefully be able to post some of our trip pics in a reader submitted section or something. 

Its been a fun day!

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  1. We are all well here. Just had Thanks In Phili. Unseasonably warm. makes me sad for upcoming season. Love you guyz right back
    Be sure to ride the pow pow like hovercrafts from an alternate dimension.