Thursday, November 17, 2011

The trip so Far

We left Smuggs and found ourselves on the road to Maine for a send off party and to build our bed in the van.  Thank you Jeremiah for the frame and Dickie and Marc for the foam mat.  

We saw a few friends, said "we love you."  It was great to see everyone, especially the babes and we look forward tothe chance to see how much they change over the next 6 months.

We trimmed our skins for the splits and started handing out many of our canned goods so we can lessen the weight in the van and hope for better mileage than 18mpg.

Then granola was made in New Hampshire while Hannah and I fell into a Yahtzee and Boggle binge.

Now we have been in MA for 12 days.Another send off party with lots friends and family.  Said goodbye to our Jinx, although he enjoyed traveling, he will like having the space to roam at Karen and Johns home.  Here in MA, no snow, few adventures, and have been waiting for a new transmission to be put into the van and finalizing all our financial needs for the winter.  

The few adventures did prove worth the stay as we have been loaned some avalanche beacons a probe and a shovel!  Now we can venture into the researching of Avi classes for early December in Colorado! 

Tomorrow morning we start the long drive to the Rocky Mountains, hoping to be in the Springs by thursday so we can celebrate the Most Thankful Day with family.

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