Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The First Turns!

Here we are today in Breckenridge, two thousand feet higher in elevation then we have been on any of our hikes so far.  The air is definetly thinner, and breathing is a little harder, but there is snow here, and that my friends, is what really matters!  We're staying with our friends Ariel and Dale (fellow Vermonters) at their quaint little mountain cabin outside of town. 

Today Ari brought us up a little slope on National Forest Land. Meassuring between 15-20 degrees it was mellow with no avi danger and it was so much fun! The snow was a little more solid and corny down low, and got lighter and deeper the higher up we went.  We rose about 500 feet in 1.5 miles to intersect with the Ski Area's nordic trails.  As we looked at the mountains that surrounded us we were able to make out a couple other adventurers making turns way up high on one of the snowfields above treeline, someday that will be us, but for now we are happy with any snow we can sink our edges into. It was a happy first snow day, that is for sure!

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