Friday, December 2, 2011

New December

We are parked next to theu Horsetooth Reservoir outside Fort Collins, CO.  its a beautiful day and we are really enjoying the winter look of America.  Its pretty nice to go cross country with my new wife, and our Daisy. 

Daisy got hit with the snowboard and the poor girl's achilles tendon was severed.  We took her to a great clinic called Hermosa Veterinary Clinic, they reconnected the tendon and put her leg in a splint.  They gave us all the bandageing we would need to keep it clean for 6 weeks.  The Doctor was amazing and helpful and just full of love.  We thank you Dr. Kursh and your great team, we really felt like we were helped by a staff that wanted to help. 

I'm sorry Daisy. love-ben

We skinned up Mt. Baldy on wednesday 11/30.  Weather was brisk but sunny at 8 in the morning.  We started our first real climb on a 4 wheel snowy iced packed road.  It was a great workout, though our lungs were working to a max, Hannah set a great pace setting us up for some laps when we got to the top. 

As  we got higher the view of Breckenridge was amazing, getting to see all the peaks from downtown to Frisco and beyond.  You can see in the picture below where Hannah and I had had skinned the lower drainage glades between peaks 5 and 4.  You can also see way up along that ridge where we saw the other adventurers lay some great  turns the day before.  From our previous post. 

We then came up on an old mine called the Iowa Mill.  Still in great shape with a small solar panel on the roof. 

The next 200 vertical was a bit steeper but the snow was great at about 20°.  We took a great run, though Daisy was harder to control than last year.  We all took a run back to the mill and by the time we got down there Daisy's paws were icing up.  So we headed back to the cars and that's when poor Daisy got hurt. 

We realized the depth of the snow is still small and with Daisy on the mend we are going to let the snow fall a bit deeper. 


  1. Hey Sweet H & B,
    I had so much fun getting to know you guys. Love & adventure!! Lalo says hi....I'll see you soon. Blessings,


  2. That looks so radical!!!!!!!!
    So Jealous of youz guyz!!!!!
    Kate and I will be getting to Colorado on February 28th -- March 3rd
    I am so happy for guys that you are able to get out and explore the western wilderness!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to reading more of your writings!!!