Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park

On Saturday we made our way up through Estes Park and into RMNP.  When we arrived at the old Hidden Valley Ski Area (Powder Goast Town) their were skiiers comming off the trails, and we saw one other splitboarder (DIY).  It was getting late in the afternoon, but we made the most of the sunlight that was left.  We skinned up the main snowshoe trail on the left side of the creek, passing a little slope where kids were sledding and a little one was learning to snowboard.  The first pitch, just beyond the fence was skiied off and looked a little hairy.  Not to far beyond that, was the perfect pitch covered in almost knee deep powder.  We continued up til the sun started to drop behind the mountains, when we reached the switch over spot, we realized the temp was dropping when our water started to freeze.  The run down took less then 10 minutes, but they were the best turns of the season so far.  We are definetly comming back to this Hidden Valley! 

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  1. ooooooooohhh, I like these pictures. I can imagine skiing down them.