Thursday, December 8, 2011

The cold ...

After RMNP we had a great time visiting with friends in Lyon's, and watched a great fireworks display from their driveway.  That was on Saturday night, over the next few days the temp continued to drop in the front range.  Non-the-less we headed up into Allens Park and set up for the night at the trail head we wanted to skin the next day.  It was a cold evening perfect for a hot dinner and study time for our up and comming avalanche course.  We woke the next morning to blue skys and enjoyed the view as we waited for the sun to show its self from behind the mountain.  Although we waited till 9 am to start the temp still had not gone up.  We set up to go, leaving the sweet Daisy curled up in her jacket and blankets. However, after less then a mile we found ourselves turned back twards the car, when our feet were nearly frozen.  Plan B was to find friends and be warm and that's what we did over the next few days, visiting Boulder, Breckenridge, and making the long but beautiful trip down to Durango. 

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  1. I love my lumberjacky bro and my snow angely