Thursday, January 26, 2012

We arrived at Lolo Pass on the boarder of Idaho and Montana in the afternoon on Monday. We met a couple nice folks in the parking lot who told us a little about the backcountry and ended up following them out for a quick afternoon run. We only went about 1.5 miles rising about 500 feet, but it felt great to be out snowboarding again. The snow was deep, 6ft on the highway sign, but it had had time to settle and the Avi danger was finally dropping. Although while at Lolo we did stick to low angle terrain. 

Tuesday we toured in the same area as the day before but did 3 laps, covering about 5 miles in 4 hours, a cold and windy day brought us back to the car ready for warmth! 

The next morning we woke to four inches of heavy snow and 20-40 mph gust of wind. Trees were falling and snow was blowing everywhere. We decided that we best not go out, so down into Missoula we went…

Where to next? We’ll let you know when we get there!

This last video is of Whitney and Pablo, it is her first time on her Splitty! Way to go girl!

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  1. GBH! I love these videos. How silently peaceful. Except of course for the laughter and the sweet exchanges between you two. You make it look so graceful and easy. Thank you for posting. Love, Gil