Friday, February 10, 2012


 Here's a quick description of our 3 days driving along the 101 in WA, and the 84 and the 5 through OR and CA. 

   In Washington we saw lots of mountains, green forest, and bald eagles.  We also passed lots of logged areas, which seemed to be the main income of the towns on the Olympic Peninsula.
The nicest stop we made was at Ruby Beach where the coast was littered with sea stacks and crazy amounts of drift wood.  
Towards the southern end of the state, to satisfy the chef, we stopped at an oyster factory and got a great deal, 36 for $10. We feasted on them raw, and then the next day, Ben sauteed the rest with garlic. 

It was our plan to go to mount hood, but as we got closer to it, driving through the rain and reading the snow reports, we decided that instead of settling for icy slopes, we would head south  towards LA and Ben's brother Gilbert.

  In Oregon we stopped at Multnomah waterfall and hiked up to a bridge that crossed in front of it.  Such a beautiful place!  Then the highlight of driving through Portland was seeing the tram that crossed over the city.

  Crossing into California we had to stop at the department of agriculture check point, where we declared our bananas, and cedar leaves that were decorating or dash.  On the drive through this long state we passed through so many different farmlands, vineyards, and orchards including olive, peach, almond, and citrus.

  After 26+ hours of driving we finally made it to the sunny city.  Where we are blown away with how warm it is!   

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