Friday, February 3, 2012

The Olympics

As we rounded the Puget sound we started driving north to Port Angeles and our first real glimpses of the snow capped peaks.  Though the main drag was shopping centers we quickly turned south and found ourselves in green rolling foothills. 

We met Seth at his amazing home and soon realized we had arrived home in his opinion.  Seth fed us, beered us, then drove us straight to the snow.  Entering our third free national park, we got to scope out the lines we would hit the next day as well as get familiar with the snow that was about to get an 8 inch blanket of powder.  We then met Lilly and started to stoke the dreams of powder that we would get the next day. 

We arrived to an empty lot and almost sprinted up the boot pack trail for untracked milk runs.  This time we could see south to Mount Olympus and it was truly awe-inspiring.  Unfortunately it was a classic case of dust on crust.  Not the best snow, but all it meant was we had to point it and not get caught up in turning.  Big slashes was what we had for breakfast and followed it all day long with the same.  We really hammered the ridge and had a great day with our friends. 

The next day was a trip into Seth's back yard, he built a downhill bike course that sent your heart into your throat just watching him zing through the corners. Then we headed to the Dungeness Spit for some bird identifying and Hannah hit her 60th bird.  The day was closed with a visit to the local farm store, which again blew us away with the amount is fresh produce that didn't have to be trucked in.  The dinners here in the Pacific Northwest are pretty awesome. 

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  1. You guys are on such an amazing adventure. I'm really enjoying your updates. Be safe and have fun!