Friday, March 9, 2012

Ohhhhh Cars...

After leaving Summit County we headed towards Colorado Springs so we could get the car checked out and visit with Jen and Tom again.  We are so glad to have decided to do this, as it turned out the car needed another new transmission.  The one that was put in 4 mounts ago in Massachusetts was under a 6,000 mile warranty, however, we have gone over 12,000 at this point.  So we have been here in the springs for a week now.  Tom has been away on a buiness trip, and Jen has been a great hostess!  We have explored Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks Park, Bear Creek Park, and Jen even took a day off from work and we went riding (DAY 30) at Monarch Pass Ski Area.  Although it had not snowed in a week, we still had a blast, but missed our magnatraction lib tech snowboards on the groomers.  We also had a great dinner at the Blue Star, and for our next to last night in the Spring we, for the first time ever, got to eat Ethiopian food.  It was incredible!  Go to Uchenna, and have some of Chef Maya's food if you ever make it to this town...  The wait was about 1 hour, but when we finally tasted this amazing food, we realized we would have waited 2 hours!       

The drive to Monarch....

Ben and Jen

Jen navigating a trail called "High Anxiety"

Ben enjoying "The Taste of Jerusalem"

Lovin' Bear Creek Park

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