Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tahoe Pics, Nevada's Ruby Mountains and SLC

We spent the night on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe near where Ben worked years ago.  The drive around the lake was beautiful.  We also had a great dinner with Ben's friend Jeff.

Then we drove through the Ruby Mountains of Nevada.  Which were so beautiful, but unfortunately if you didn't want to hiked for 2 days straight to get to the good snow then you would need a helicopter, which was about $1000 a day.  

From Nevada we continued on into Utah where we drove through the Salt Flats, then on into SLC.  In the city we spent the weekend with Ben's friend Adrienne, and had a blast.  We also visited the Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop, where they have a museum dedicated to the sport.  Below are some pictures of the funky snowboards we saw there. 

and finally some pictures of the Utah mountains, where the avalanche danger was to high for us to tread on so we'll have to come back another time...

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