Friday, March 9, 2012

Summit County

We arrived in the Silverthorn area after driving over Rabbit Ears Pass in a whiteout snowstorm.
It was a gathering of friends from Vermont who brought us there and it was soooo  good to see them all!  Over the next 4 days we were surrounded by good conversations, great cooking and lift access snowboarding!  Ari and Dale were able to get us passes to Copper.  After 27 days of hiking for our turns we were  grateful to be carried up the mountain via ski lifts!
We also met a new friend who is on Ski Patrol at Breckenridge and she gave us free passed there.  We are so lucky!
We couldn't have asked for better conditions, and were blessed to get to play in some real Colorado Powder!


Copper Mountain from above

Josh and Kate loving Breck!

A day of playing in the fluffy woods!

Notice the Mountains in the top third of this photo

Ari and Josh

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