Friday, March 9, 2012


We arrived back in Colorado with snow and high avalanche danger in the forecast. We turned to one of our guide books to find somewhere with low angles to play on for the weekend and we found Pearl Lake State Park.  This was a short but sweet tour, gaining about 900 feet through the aspen trees above the lake.  Looking over the lake were the 2 beautiful yurts, that you can see below, unfortunately they were locked up.

The gully that we rode will always be known as the Pole Eater trail, the first day, while navigating some thick trees Ben lost one of his poles and we had to hike back for it.  The second day, at the top my (Hannah) bag got caught by a large branch and although I was able to shake it off it ripped off the top part of my pole.  The second day was by far the better then the first, as we had a better idea of the terrain and we woke that morning to 6 inches of new snow.  This run and the trees reminded us of the run behind our house in Vermont.  

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